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10 Bank Exam coaching centre in Hyderabad

If you are looking for the best bank exams coaching centers in Hyderabad, congrats! You have come to the right place. There are several bank coaching centers in Hyderabad, but choosing the best ones can be confusing. In this article, we will look into the top 10 bank exam coaching centre in hyderabad and their features so that you can pursue your dream of joining the bank jobs!

Bank Exam coaching centre in Hyderabad

1. Career Launcher

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad


Contact Details:

40-9985067787, 9985067787


Contact Career Launcher to know the fee details


Classroom Sessions:

  • The program offers a total of 150 classroom sessions, each lasting 2 hours. These sessions cover various topics relevant to banking exams.
  • There are 12 workshops, which could focus on specific skills, strategies, or exam techniques.

185+ Mocks Based on Banking Exam Patterns:

  • The program provides over 185 mock tests with various difficulty levels.

Test Gym with 6000+ Questions:

  • The “Test Gym” is a resource within the program that offers a wide range of practice questions.
  • With over 6000 questions, students can have a better understanding.

Gyan Dhara 

  • “Gyan Dhara” is a daily general knowledge quiz that comprises 10 questions

Manthan – Monthly Newsletter for General Awareness:

  • “Manthan” is a monthly publication focused on general awareness topics.
  • It covers recent events, news, and other relevant information.

CL Banking App and CL GK App (Free):

  • The program includes two apps: one for banking-related content and another for general knowledge.



Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:


Fees: Check the IACE official website


The academy comes with a method called “7 Phase Training” which includes the following:

1. Concept Discussion:

  • In this phase, students will receive comprehensive explanations of fundamental concepts.
  • Mathematics, reasoning, English, and general awareness are taught for a strong base.

2. Practice Book Exercise:

  • Here, students will be given the practice materials provided by that include exercises, sample questions, and solved examples.

3. Home Assignments:

  • IACE assigns homework to enhance consistent learning and encourage independent study.

4. Daily Tests:

  • To assess the progress of students, IACE conducts daily tests with short quizzes that cover various topics.

5. Current Affairs:

  • Staying updated with current affairs is crucial for competitive exams for which, IACE provides resources and guidance on relevant news, government policies, and important events.

6. Daily Online Quiz:

  • Interactive quizzes will be available online for students
  • They can participate in these quizzes to test their knowledge, improve retention, and stay engaged with the material.

7. Grand Tests:

  • These comprehensive tests simulate the actual exam environment.
  • IACE conducts periodic grand tests that cover the entire syllabus for an exact mock test.


3. Sreedhar’s CCE

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:

+91 9392668899


Starts from ₹7,999 for banking


1.  Live Classes:

  • The academy offers online live classes for aspirants to learn the concepts in case they miss the offline class.
  • Faculty will monitor every student and provide feedback online.

2. Library:

  • The aspirants can make use of the library and its amazing collection of books for preparation.
  • Students can also sit and prepare in the library if needed

3. Study Materials

  • The study materials are regularly updated online which ensures that learners have access to the most relevant and current information
  • By providing targeted content, the study materials ensure that learners concentrate on what’s necessary for their exams.

4. Computer Lab Facility

  • The computer lab facility replicates the conditions of the actual exam thereby giving experience as a mock test
  • The lab is available 24/7 making students access it whenever they need

4. Plutus Academy

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:



Starts from  ₹ 11,620 for a one-year program


1. Interactive Live Sessions:

  • These sessions are to provide real-time interaction between instructors and students.
  • They include discussions, quizzes, polls, and collaborative activities with respect to banking.

2. Chat Facility for Online Classes:

  • A chat feature allows students to communicate with instructors during online classes.
  • It is also useful for asking questions, seeking clarification, or sharing insights.

3. Regular Doubt Sessions:

  • There are one-to-one sessions where students can ask questions related to their coursework.

4. Regular Mock Tests:

  • These tests are to make students normalize the real exams and help students gauge their understanding.
  • They also provide practice for time management and test-taking strategies

5. Practice for Current Affairs:

  • To stay informed about current events, regular practice and discussions on current affairs are arranged
  • This activity enhances students’ awareness and critical thinking.

7. Daily Newspaper Analysis:

  • Analyzing news articles helps students understand global events, improve language skills, etc.


5. A.N. Reddy Banking Coaching Centre

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:

 097036 28638


Contact the academy to know the fee structure


1. Impressive Past Results:

  • The academy has an excellent track record of achieving notable outcomes thereby proving it is one of the best
  • The teaching methods are proven to be unique and simple looking at these past results

2 . Well-Made Test Material:

  • The academy provides high-quality study materials and test papers that are crucial for effective preparation.
  • Well-structured and relevant materials can significantly impact a student’s understanding and performance.

3. Learning and Progressive Environment:

  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Up-to-date resources (books, online materials, etc.)
  • Supportive faculty and staff

4. Daily Practice Tests:

  • Regular practice tests are conducted to make students understand concepts strongly by identifying weaker areas

5. Facility of Library:

  • Students will be given access to a library within the coaching center that can be beneficial for exam
  • Libraries offer additional study materials, reference books, and a quiet space for focused learning.


6. Veranda RACE Academy

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:



Contact RACE to know about the fee details


1. Online Coaching:

  • Students can attend classes, receive study materials, and interact with instructors virtually.
  • This feature is especially useful for those who prefer remote learning or have scheduling constraints.

2. Personal Performance Review:

  • The academy provides personalized feedback on their exam performance to check their progress.
  • Regular reviews help students track progress and make targeted study adjustments.

3. Current Affairs Coverage:

  • To let students stay informed about national and international events, current affairs recorded lectures are provided

4. Short Trick Excellence:

  • Faculty members share innovative and witty short tricks for solving problems efficiently.
  • These tricks help students save time during exams and improve accuracy.

5. Free Demo Classes:

  • New students can attend demo classes without any fee to learn about the exam
  • These sessions introduce students to the teaching style, faculty, and course content.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to assess whether the coaching program aligns with their learning needs.

6. In-Depth Analysis:

  • Special batches are offered for in-depth subject analysis.
  • Students receive detailed insights into specific topics, concepts, and exam patterns.
  • This feature helps students gain a deeper understanding and excel in their respective subjects.



Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:



Check the TIME website to know the exact details about the fee structure


Certainly! Let’s break down the details of the Bank PO / Clerical Classroom Course offered by T.I.M.E. Institute:

1. Course Coverage:

  • Comprehensive training program for Bank PO and Clerical Examinations (IBPS CWE & SBI).
  • Covers all test areas relevant to bank exams.
  • Well-researched material with solved examples to build a strong foundation.
  • Suitable for other PO/Clerical exams (LIC, RBI, NICL, IB, etc.).

2. Classes:

  • Fundamental concepts are taught in detail before exercises for a stronger base.
  • Low batch numbers are monitored by personalized doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Experienced faculty members conduct classes for better understanding.

3. Online Tests:

  • Online sectional tests and Mock Tests are conducted based on the IBPS CWE / SBI pattern.
  • Comparative performance analyses are conducted for better scoring

4. Web-Based Support:

  • Customized home pages for each student are provided.
  • Online practice tests, Descriptive Writing inputs, Interview & GD guidance, and more.
  • Monthly magazine “Current Affairs Cracker” for national and international current affairs.

8. BSC Academy

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:




1. Concepts and Techniques:

  • BSC provides comprehensive concepts and techniques for all types of questions.
  • Whether it’s quantitative aptitude, reasoning, or any other subject, they equip students with effective problem-solving strategies.

2. Intensive Classroom Training:

  • BSC offers over 200 hours of intensive classroom training.
  • This is a focused approach that ensures students receive personalized attention.

3. Study Material:

The institute provides 20 study material booklets covering all test areas. These booklets are meticulously curated, containing essential content, practice questions, and relevant examples. Students can refer to them for self-study and revision.

4. Practice Tests:

  • BSC conducts weekly tests and full-length mock tests.
  • These assessments simulate the actual exam environment, allowing students to gauge their progress, identify weak areas, and fine-tune their strategies.

5. Current Affairs Updates:

  • The academy provides a free monthly magazine called “Banking Services Chronicle.”
  • It covers general knowledge, current events, and relevant topics, ensuring students are up-to-date.

6. Support for GD & PI:

  • They also offer support for group discussions (GD) and personal interviews (PI).
  • Students who qualify in the written exam receive guidance to excel in these subsequent rounds.


9. iRise Academy

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:

 099859 99375


Get in touch with iRise Academy to know abut fee structure



1. Over 300 hours of classes by top faculty:

  • This course offers extensive class hours, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.
  • The involvement of top faculty members suggests high-quality instruction.

2. Courses ranging from basic to advanced levels:

  • Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, this course caters to a wide range of skill levels.
  • You can choose the level that best suits your current knowledge and learning goals.

3. Unlimited practice sessions:

  • Practice is crucial for mastering any subject.
  • With unlimited sessions, you can reinforce your learning as much as needed.

4. Telegram group for doubt clarification:

  • Having a dedicated Telegram group ensures quick and efficient doubt resolution.
  • You can interact with other learners and get answers to your questions.

5. Study Material:

  • The availability of handouts in PDF format is convenient for offline study.
  • You can join the Telegram channel to access these resources.


10. Sadhana Educational Academy

Bank Exams Coaching Centers In Hyderabad

Contact Details:

+91 – 9290 6999 96

 +91 – 40 6663 3933


Contact Sadhana Educational Academy to get the fee details


1. Faculty:

  • Highly qualified, trained, and dedicated faculty members.
  • Expect top-notch teaching from experienced professionals.

2. Classroom:

  • Unmatched classroom delivery.
  • The learning environment is optimized for effective instruction.

3. Teaching:

  • Fundamental teaching approach across all steps.
  • Trainers focus on building strong foundational knowledge.

4. Mock Tests:

  • Regular evaluation through daily, topic-wise, and mock tests.

5. Course Material:

  • Updated course material provided.
  • Access relevant resources to enhance your learning.

6. Doubt Clarifying:

Special sessions for doubt clarification.

Get feedback and clear any uncertainties.


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