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All you need to know about using a humidifier to hydrate dry skin

Whats your typical skincare routine? If you have a properly planned one, it must consist of moisturizer. Although most people associate Dry skin with winter, it isnt restricted to the season. And it isnt only about your face either, although for most people thats the main focus when it comes to skin treatment.

That said, you can make your Dry skin softer and more fresh with a humidifier. Skin becomes dry when it cracks due to the upper layer breaking apart. While humidifiers help, its also necessary to establish and maintain a proper skincare routine along with it.

What does a humidifier do to dry skin?

For some people, the issue of dry skin is serious. And it’s not limited to the summer or winter, when dead skin cells gather and remain untreated, the moist condition becomes nonexistent.

Especially if you live where the climate is dry to the core, humidifiers can keep the environment moist. When the air is moister, your skin will naturally open up to hydration, regardless of the cracks on the upper layer.

What type of humidifier will work best for your skin?

If youre new to humidifiers, you may not know about the various types available. Heres a list of the various kinds and what makes each one different from the other.

  • Cool mist humidifiers: These are the type of humidifiers that are the safest. It could also be less sensitive if you have children at home. Most of these types have fans, which means you would have to tolerate some noise. However, with no heating to be done, the electricity consumed by cool mist humidifiers is very low compared to their warmer counterparts. Also, if you live somewhere with mostly cool temperatures, you might want to reconsider.
  • Warm mist humidifiers: These could cause effects similar to warm saunas and showers. If they get too hot, you could risk getting yourself burnt. They use up more electricity and are better in smaller rooms rather than larger ones. Another perk is that they dont make much noise.
  • Warm + cool mist humidifiers: 
  • This type would be the best pick for you! With it, you can tweak the settings as you please, according to how high or low the temperature is. This flexibility will be good for general purposes and for your skin too, as it may have varying levels of dryness now and again.

Within all the above, you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles. Some of them are so small you can carry them anywhere easily. It all depends on whether or not youre looking for a portable appliance. Some humidifiers arent bulky looking either, so you could choose based on aesthetics as well. Picture one made of wood bodysuper classy and looks beautiful in any room!

Is it safe to use a humidifier to hydrate dry skin?

Yes, its safe to use a humidifier for hydrating your skin. You dont need to come in contact with the appliance itself. However, you should take care of its cleaning by using a solution of vinegar, liquid soap, and clean water.

You can follow the tips below to make the most out of your humidifier:

  • Use disinfected water. If you cant sanitize the water tank in your home, your best bet is to use filtered water instead. It will assure that your humidifier is safe from unnecessary minerals and toxic chemicals.
  • Dont stand super close to the humidifier. Three feet is the minimum distance you should keep from the appliance. This is ideal for both cool mist and warm mist humidifiers.
  • Dont touch the appliance itself. Especially with warm mist ones, you must always be careful. Coming in contact with hot water can burn you more than you think!

Conclusion: So is a humidifier for you?

All in all, a humidifier can be an excellent source for hydrating your skin. You dont need to use a humidifier like toners, moisturizers, and other similar skin care products. Hence, its a safe choice considering theres no direct touch. However, making sure the humidifier is clean and wellmaintained is highly critical. But it should not be your only oneit should simply be a part of your skincare routine!

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