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Art & Design

Wall art is referred to any form of artistic expression used to decorate walls , wall collages and wall displays to give vibrant look to your space

Home Inspiration

Find design inspiration, the latest trends, shopping guides, and how-tos for cleaning, organizing, and more on StyleLagoon

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliance Ideas & Inspiration · Refrigerators · Ovens & Stoves · Dishwashers · Small Appliances · Colors and Finishes.


Most inspiring Interior Design ideas for 2023

If you are looking to renovate your living area, then you should look at these inspiring interior design ideas that are famous in 2022. You can easily modify your home by applying...

Home Decoration Ideas That Can Make Your Home Luxurious

Who does not want to make their house look luxurious? If your apartment or home has had the similar furniture look for many years or if you have forever painted your home...

Six Top Indoor Plants for Your Small Home

From creative home décor to cleaner air – there’re so many advantages of having indoor plants around your new design home. Though, it can be difficult to know which types of home...

Best Art Ideas For Your Room Decoration

Choosing the best art for your rooms is a bit difficult as there are many options available. Although this is all about your personal choice but there will be at least few...

11 art genres for your home: Explore, try and decorate!

Art is all about exploring. It’s good to have an art style that you’ve loved for quite some time. But it’s even better to open your mind and dive into all the...

Revamping the Dining Room: 17 Wall Decor Ideas for Every Art and Design Theme

What does your dining room say? Is it elegance, modernity, bohemian, traditional, or something else? Every space should have a theme to support its vibe. And it’s no different for where you...

Art Galleries in India – Places to Find the Masterpieces Created by Indian Artists

If you love art, the galleries in India are a must-visit. You will find some of the most amazing artwork and paintings there. Probably one of the most intriguing aspects of Indian...

Light fixtures for a charming rustic decor: 3 extraordinary styles you shouldn’t miss

In the world of interior design, you could find many elements come into play. Space planning and colors are essential, but even more important is lighting. With proper light intensity and temperature,...
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