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20 Best Themed Cakes Design

Birthdays are wonderful events filled with happiness, fond memories, and laughter. The search for the perfect cake in Delhi is never-ending, and themed cakes design have become a popular choice to enhance the birthday celebration. In this blog, we will discover the enchanting world of themed cakes design, particularly the top chocolate birthday cakes in Delhi and the one-of-a-kind custom cakes that add a special touch to your party.

Best Themed Cakes Design for Every Occasion

1. Stunning Butterfly Cake

You don’t need to be too proud to use a ready-made cake mix when you’re short on time. Children are not as picky when it comes to baking quality as adults. Nevertheless, this butterfly cake is great for using packet cake or homemade, and is an effective way to give your little one the cake of their dreams.

2. Minion Themed Cakes Design

Your child’s birthday party will be transformed into a hot one when you order this cute minion cake. This delectable cake features a naughty smile from a cute minion.

3. Character Cakes

Specific character themed Cakes Design at some point. However, before you panic about making sculptures with moulding icing, try creating a few smaller figures. With mini-figures, you can create a show-stopping cake without crying, whether your child is into Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses, Care Bears or Trolls.

4. Princess Doll Themed Cakes Design

If your daughter spends much of her time twirling around, she will love a princess doll cake. The cake consists of the doll’s skirt, and you can use it for any Disney princess or Barbie figure.

5. Ice Cream Cake

Children’s love of cake is no secret. They adore ice cream as well. Why not use these two components to create the ideal birthday ice cream cake for your children? Ice cream cakes are tasty, entertaining, and come in a variety of flavors and designs. Pick your child’s preferred taste, and you’ll be eating it quickly.

6. Photo Cake

Every person has a special picture related to every loved one around them, which is why cake with a photo is the best way to remember that special day.


7. Spiderman Buttercream Drip Cake

Create spiderwebs using a piping bag, add Spiderman head decorations, a chocolate drip, and sprinkle toppings to complete the look of this Spiderman buttercream drip cake.

8. Cupcakes Birthday Age Cake

There’s no simpler way to divide up cake for party bags than a cupcake pull apart cake if you’re entertaining party guests. As these cakes include many cupcakes shaped according to the birthday girl’s age, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

9. Blooming Number One Birthday Cake

It doesn’t matter if you’re one or 100, this blooming number birthday cake recipe will make you feel like you’re more than just a number. Bake it in our number cake pan, then decorate it! You can tint the buttercream icing in any color combo to fit your party’s theme, then decorate it with easy cake decorating techniques like rosettes, mums, and more.

10. Pinata Bashing Cake

Almost every celebrity celebrates their special day with pinata cakes. The word pinata originates from Spanish, which means ‘pot’. It is the latest trend that’s going viral on social media.

The birthday star cracks with a small hammer, and oodles of gems start to fall out.

11. Birthday Balloon Cake

With colourful candy balloons, this birthday balloon cake is perfect for a birthday party. Use different candies and sprinkle confetti to make balloons, and you’re ready to celebrate! Top the cake with a candle or birthday message, and you’re ready to party!

12. Avengers Theme Cake

This Avengers Cake, featuring some of the most well-known superheroes of all time, will boost your child’s party. They will thank you for giving them a cake themed after their favorite movie and superhero.

13. Buttercream Flower Themed Cakes Design

In this gorgeous summertime flower birthday cake, your cake becomes your canvas. There are no bags or tips required for making it, so it’s easy to make. With only a few cake spatulas, you can make simple buttercream flowers by blending shades of green and blue icing together.

14. Cricket Themed Cakes Design

People who consider Tendulkar a god and cricket their religion would definitely love this cake and be extremely happy about it.

15. Fairy Toadstool House Themed Cakes Design

Fairies capture the imagination of little ones and this popular fairy toadstool cake can be decorated with any sweets you like.

16. Hidden Sweetie Surprise Themed Cakes Design

In order to continue a birthday that is filled with surprises, you can add a surprise element to your cake. When you slice a hidden sweeties surprise cake, you’ll have a whole bunch of happy party.

17. Lego Themed Cakes Design

Take your birthday celebration to the next level! If you have a Lego fan at home, this cake is for you. It is also a simple cake mix with large marshmallows on top.

18. Arty Themed Cakes Design

Kids and crafts seem to go hand in hand. Choose an Arty Crafty Birthday Party to delight kids from around 6-9 years old. Stick to the theme with the simple Art Party Cake. It’s very simple with just a few splats of colour moulding icing.

19. Unicorn Themed Cakes Design

Make the birthday wishes come true with this magical 2-tier unicorn cake. Great for big parties, this cake may take some time to make, but it is worth the effort! The striking unicorn is made with simple piping techniques, such as stars and rosettes, so no special skills are needed!

20. Little Pony Themed Cakes Design

The My Little Pony theme is another popular choice among girls everywhere. You can adapt the cake to the birthday girl’s favourite pony, whether it is Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle or even Celestia.

Themed cakes have the ability to bring a touch of enchantment to your birthday celebration in Delhi. With options ranging from delectable chocolate cakes to personalized designs that highlight your uniqueness, these creations add an extra dose of joy to your special day.

Whether it’s for a birthday boy or a corporate event, themed cakes never fail to impress with their personalized charm. So, when planning your next birthday party in Delhi, don’t forget to discover the magical world of theme cake designs and elevate your celebration with sweetness and delight.


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