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Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Diu | How to reach Diu from Ahmedabad

Diu, a city set amid the frothy blue waves of the Arabian Sea, was once a key stop on the medieval commerce route. With a plethora of beaches, monuments, and memorials to explore, it is no surprise that there are countless places worth visiting in this small yet vibrant city. Despite its low population- ranking as the tenth least populated Tourist Attractions in Diu boasts an array of tourist attractions that showcase a blend of Indian, Portuguese, and English cultures.

From cultural heritage sites to stunning coastal beauty, Diu has something for every type of traveler. Located geographically within Gujarat as part of ‘Daman and Diu’, this strategically important port has transformed into popular tourist attractions seeking a laid-back holiday experience.

Its Portuguese influence can still be seen throughout the city, making it a unique tourist attractions that is often overlooked by travelers. With modern infrastructure and a relaxed atmosphere, more and more people from Gujarat are flocking to Diu while slowly gaining interest from other parts of India as well. If you have plans to visit Gujarat or if Diu is on your travel radar, here are 12 top Tourist attractions worth adding to your itinerary.

Diu can be reached by two modes of transportation – air and road. There is no railway station in Diu, with the closest broad gauge station being 90 kms away in Veraval, Gujarat. Limited flights operate through the week, which may also prove to be expensive. Thus, we recommend traveling to Diu via road. It is an overnight journey of 350 kms from major cities in Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, and Surat.

You have the option of taking an overnight bus or hiring self-drive vehicles from these cities to reach Diu. Once in Diu, you can hire autos or taxis for sightseeing purposes. However, we highly suggest renting a 2 wheeler as it offers more convenience.

Various Tourist attractions within the bus stand offer a variety of 2 wheelers for rent at prices ranging from Rs.150-300 per day depending on the type of vehicle and season. This is what we opted for and found it to be the most convenient way to explore Diu Island. Do note that while driving, helmets must be worn at all times and will be provided along with the rented vehicle.

How to reach Diu from Ahmedabad

The most efficient way to reach Diu from Ahmedabad is by road. Diu boasts a well-connected network of roads, railways, and air travel options. As one of India’s union territories, Diu is a sprawling coastal town located on the eastern side of the island.

It is also the 10th least populated district in India and is renowned for its stunning island, magnificent fort, and famous St. Paul’s Church. The surrounding area of Diu is incredibly scenic, with a vast stretch of coastal region enveloping it. Embarking on a road trip from Ahmedabad to Diu would be a dream come true. Keep reading to discover how to reach Diu from Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad to Diu By Flight:

The Diu island has its own airport, called the Diu airport. One can get a connecting Ahmedabad to Diu flight from any major city in India. The aerial distance between Ahmedabad and Diu is around 308 kilometers, and you can catch a flight from another major city like Mumbai, but Ahmedabad does not have a direct flight to Diu.

Ahmedabad to Diu By Road:

The best way to travel from Ahmedabad to Diu is by road. Taking a bus from Ahmedabad to Diu takes approximately nine hours and thirty minutes. Take the bus to Diu from Ahmedabad for a very practical and secure trip. Ahmedabad to Diu is a distance of 364 kilometers by road. Many people prefer to take a taxi or self-drive to Diu, especially for road trips.

Ahmedabad to Diu By Train:

The best way to travel by train is to reach Rajula from Ahmedabad which takes about 3 hours and then to take the Surat Express. The trip takes about 9 hours 25 minutes in total. One can also take the Somnath Express from Ahmedabad and reach Veraval, from which one can hire a cab or a taxi to reach Diu.

A Journey Through Enchanting Tourist Attractions in Diu

1. Nagoa Beach

For those hailing from Gujarat, the Nagoa Beach in Diu is a must-visit for a perfect weekend getaway. Its breathtaking beauty, with crystal clear waters, white sands, and swaying palm trees, resembles that of Hawaii and is unparalleled by any other Tourist attractions. Adding to its charm are the unique Hoka trees, found exclusively in Diu within India. The beach is conveniently located near resorts and only 5 kms away from the city centre, making it an ideal vacation spot without any hassles. Safety for swimming and a variety of activities make Nagoa Beach an all-in-one tourist attractions for relaxation and fun.

2. Naida Caves

Naida caves in Diu are a true hidden gem. Despite being well-maintained and featuring stunning rock formations, they are often overlooked by visitors. Surprisingly, there is no entrance fee to enjoy the naturally ventilated chambers. This spacious entrance allows for an abundance of natural sunlight, creating a magical play of light and shadows throughout the caves.

Unlike other dimly lit and suffocating caves, Naida stands out with its clean interiors and ample ventilation. The intricate patterns on the rocks, along with the resilient trees and plants that grow on them, offer a captivating display. As you explore the interconnected caves, you’ll notice unique arrangements and breathtaking views at every turn.

Properly placed direction signs ensure tourists don’t get lost in this maze-like wonder. And with its photogenic location, you won’t be able to resist taking countless photographs as you stroll from one cave to another. Eventually, nature’s remarkable ability to craft such magnificent architecture will leave you feeling awestruck and compelled to take a moment to simply relax and appreciate the moment.

3. Jalandhar Beach

Situated a kilometre from the city, this serene beach in Diu is a tranquil escape. Its namesake is the legendary Hindu demon Jalandhar, whose shrine sits atop a nearby hillock. Alongside, you’ll also find the beautiful Chandrikais temple. The lighthouse is easily accessible and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Further along, the Diu Fort boasts scattered cannonballs and sparse walls featuring cannons and other notable sights. As such, it’s an essential stop on any visit to Diu. Private resorts dot the beach, providing an ideal stay by the sea itself.

4. Diu Fort

Situated on the seafront, Fort Diu is a must-see Tourist Attractions in Diu. Its strategic location offers breathtaking vistas of the horizon and the sound of waves crashing against its walls never fails to mesmerize visitors. While the lighthouse is not accessible to tourists, the fort’s jetty remains in operation.

Originally constructed by Portuguese settlers, this historic structure played a crucial role in trade with Gujarat’s cities of Cambay, Surat, and Bharuch. The parapet boasts an impressive display of cannons and cannonballs can be found scattered throughout the surrounding land.

5. Vanakbara beach

Situated on the western side of Diu town, the Vanakbara road runs parallel to the beautiful Vanakbara beach. The roads throughout Diu are well-maintained. Parking your two-wheeler on the road and crossing a small brick fence will lead you straight to the beach. It is a peaceful spot that appears to be less frequented.

The fine, smooth and white sand invites you to enjoy its tranquility. As the waves continuously crash onto the shore, creating a foamy lather with an interesting sound, we couldn’t resist getting fully soaked while playing in the water, holding hands and escaping from strong tides. Building sand castles and taking countless photos added to our excitement.

This beach is immaculate and felt like our own private oasis to unwind. For those seeking a secluded beach experience in Diu, this is the ideal Tourist attractions. However, please note that swimming in the sea may not be safe due to turbulent waters.

6. Panikota Fort

The 12th-century edifice known as Pani Kotha, or Fortim do Mar as named by the Portuguese, stands on an islet at the mouth of the creek of the Arabian sea. Once a fort, it was cleverly designed to resemble a ship in order to deceive potential invaders.

Today, it has been transformed into a popular tourist attractions and historical monument in Diu. The Panikota Fort, formerly used as a jail in Diu, is another intriguing relic that can only be reached by motor-powered launch or canoe. It is definitely worth taking the time to visit this structural marvel that has withstood the test of time and glimmers in the sunshine on the Island of  Tourist Attractions in Diu.

Although it is only one kilometre away from the city centre, you will surely want to spend more time exploring once you lay eyes on it. Originally painted white, over the years this fort has gone by numerous names, including Fortim-do-Mar and Fort St. Anthony of Simbor. As a truly unique tourist attractions, your curious nature will be drawn to explore this stone structure of great historical significance.

7. Diu Museum 

Located in Diu, St. Thomas Church is a charmingly modest white building that has been gracefully aging. Originally constructed in 1598, it has since been transformed into a museum that boasts a beautifully adorned pathway and sparkling fountains. Among the various must-see attractions in Diu, this museum stands out for its collection of stone inscriptions crafted by rulers, as well as its assortment of 16th-century wooden saints and other sculptures. Notably, the museum proudly showcases remarkable wooden and marble statues of both St. Thomas and St. Benedict, each over 400 years old and truly captivating to behold.

8. Chakratirth Beach

Chakratirth Beach, situated next to Diu town, boasts a stunning scenery of hills and the Arabian Sea. This makes it a must-see Tourist attractions in Diu. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, surfing, or soaking up the sun for a tan. The peaceful atmosphere here helps you unwind and leave your troubles behind, leaving you feeling content. The addition of an open-air auditorium and changing rooms by a hillock only adds to the charm of this flawless beach.

9. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the best Tourist attractions to visit in Diu and is very popular among tourists. The presiding deity of the temple is the River Ganga, which is believed to have been built by the Pandavas. The temple is renowned for its five SHIV LINGAS. Only their tips are visible, but at high tide they are completely covered. It is located in Fudam Village, just 3 km from Diu. It is a site of immense religious and historical significance and is surrounded by scenic views.

10. St. Paul Church

St. Paul’s Church is one of Diu’s three churches. Apart from being named for St. Paul, Jesus’ Apostle, the church is a beautiful work of art and the oldest surviving example of Italian baroque architecture. The Portuguese colonial authority had a significant impact on Diu and its surroundings, and its church remains a remnant that visitors should not miss.

11. Dinosaur Park

The dinosaur park in Diu is a prime example of a kid’s tourist attractions in Diu. Up until now, we’ve only talked about quiet and adventurous tourist Attractions for adults, but what about if you bring your family?

The Dinosaur Park is located near the Nagoa beach about 6 kms away from the city centre, so it’s convenient to take your kids to from resorts. There are a lot of statues here that your kids will surely enjoy during the vacation at this picnic site.

12. Sunset Point

Sunset Point is one of Diu’s most popular nighttime attractions. The sunset point is a hillock near Chakratirth Beach that offers a wonderful setting for viewing the surreal beauty of sunsets. At sunrise and sunset, the sunset point provides a beautiful picture of waves pounding against rocks and gradually blending into the lake.

So, what are you waiting for? Take note of all the best Tourist place to visit in Diu so you don’t have to miss out on any of them when you’re on your holiday in Diu. This is a list of some of the best attractions and tourist Attractions in Diu you shouldn’t miss!


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