Hotel Trends To Focus in 2023:


Hotels have been an essential part of the global tourism market for decades and so are the hotel trends best destinations in india for holiday. They provide travellers best destinations in india for holiday with unique experiences and opportunities to explore their destinations. Hotels were traditionally owned by individuals or small businesses, but now they are owned by large corporations that are able to take advantage of economies of scale.

Hotel Trends
Hotel Trends

While the hospitality industry has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, it continues to represent a large part of our economy and society. By moving towards contactless experiences, hospitality businesses are innovating to make guests feel safer and more comfortable while travelling.

6 Hotel Trends To Focus in 2023:

Open the door to your hotel room through facial recognition

EHL, a leading hospitality educational group, predicted that in 2022 guest experiences will be elevated by adding digital reinventions such as smart rooms with features like ATM and monitors that allow guests to track their flight, learn more about the hotel offerings, and make reservations. A modern hotel needs to offer flexibility and choice when it comes to its services and infrastructure. For example, you can opt for a personalised key card that doubles as an access key and rewards card or even use your mobile phone to open the door instead.

Facial recognition technology can help hoteliers to improve their customer experience, as well as ensure privacy and safety for guests. Since tourists have become familiar with using facial recognition software on their mobile phones, adding the same feature to the doors of your establishment could bring new clients—not to mention revenue.

Choose a hotel with the help of virtual reality

Hoteliers are increasingly deploying immersive technology to help their customers feel more comfortable with their choices. More indian famous places list hotels are using virtual reality to help consumers choose the right room. With a VR headset, any tourist can have a stylish vacation by looking around at different kinds of rooms, seeing the views outside the window, or just knowing what size they should expect. This technology has long been used in real estate, but now it is set to emerge as a mainstream product in the hotel sector.

A host of new gadgets in your room

Offering room services that will help visitors to relax is all the rage these days, but it’s up to hotel managers to keep up with their guests’ expectations. In this new service-oriented economy, travellers want everything right at their fingertips and ready to use, including the hot drinks machine, remote control for the TV and lights, mini bar, and an in-room phone should they need to contact housekeeping or book a taxi.

The increasing number of guests indian famous places list using mobile devices while they’re on the road makes it important to provide them with the latest technological innovations. In an effort to help guests stay connected, hotel managers across the world offer technologies which may include a wireless charger for your smartphone, power off or on the television or lights by voice command, and video links to their concierge.

Hotel Trends of 2023
Hotel Trends of 2023

Contactless check-in via smartphone

The pandemics have exposed the fact that many people are not satisfied with their current job titles and responsibilities, thus leading them to look for new opportunities. During pandemics, health authorities have recommended reducing human contact as much as possible. Hoteliers can develop and deploy mobile apps that allow visitors to check in and get a digital key for their room. These apps allow hotels to minimise the need for the reception area. This is also important hotel trends you need to focus.

Setting the bill with cryptocurrency

With cash and bank cards still the most essential payment methods in the travel industry, you would be right in thinking that crypto coins do not immediately seem like an obvious alternative. Nevertheless, there are establishments around the world that are already starting to offer cryptocurrency as one of their payment options. The advantage of paying with crypto is that it has no geographical restriction. Travellers are going to want to pay for flights, hotels, and tours with cryptocurrencies. This is one of the latest hotel trends to focus in 2023.

Optimising data for a more personalised experience

When guests stay at a hotel, they are asked to fill out questionnaires regarding their comfort and satisfaction with the establishment. However, collecting more data could enhance their needs and increase overall satisfaction. Personal preference information could include what temperature they preferred in the room and when they would like breakfast.