Calling every designer handbag enthusiast and budding designer handbag collector, half of the 2022 gone and our wardrobe needs reorganizing and retouch.

Let’s think about fashion dress styles designs, style options and purchases this year, have they little changed?

Whether you are planning to do a large wardrobe cleanup or just a bit update on few items, here’re some things to bear in mind when picking a handbag – timelessness, affordability, durability and style.

Ted Baker London

Ted Baker London brand by Ray Kelvin was established in 1988, who branded it after his adjust ego an intrepid aviator, all-round sportsperson and consort of princess & beauties of Hollywood! 

In 1955, the lady’s range was introduced and although I cannot describe the lady’s alter ego, it includes handbags dressing style with a navel touch that are ideal for use all year, but with a slight twist to each.


It is one of the most well-known American affordable brands. Keep your eyes open for promo codes and discounts that can assist you save a bit extra off your bags. The Fossil brand revolves around minimalist styling dressing style, elevated basics, streamlined silhouettes and leather.

If you are looking to a 70s touch to your accessories wardrobe, consider adding Maya Hobo to your buying list. This handbag is one of the Fossil’s best sellers and features adjustable shoulder and cross body straps, along with zip pocket and padded inner tech pocket.

It is a perfect option for carrying around your tablet or laptop. You can even use it as an elevated diaper bag also.


It is one of the biggest rivals of Fossil and Michael Kors.  It was also established on the premise that you do not have to take out a 2nd mortgage because you want a design bag. Coach is a wonderful option if you want a designer leather bag at affordable price in online shopping .

 They’ve several classic and trendy models (even with an angles quality). We especially like the shoulder pieces but if you’re looking for more classic style, a few more structured options are also available.

Michael Kors

This brand can be said to be man who notably brought wallet-friendly to the “it” bag. You can possess it that has name of the brand printed in bright gold color lettering at an affordable price.

In addition, his bags are the type of investment options that’ll be timeless, so they’ll serve you for several years.


Another affordable dress styles designer brand we had to include in our list is Furla. You will get some of the biggest bag trend at fraction of the rate. We’ve to styles that you will want to check out for your next shopping journey.  The Opportunity tote is dupe of the Christian Dior book tote a trend that we have seen copied by several other brands like Marco Jacobs.

This version provides you the similar on-trend jacquard stuff with an ethnic motif. Whether you are searching for a travel tote handbag or one you can use for office, this bag is a must have for your wardrobe.

Is a Designer bag A Necessity?

The simple answer is no. it certainly is not. Several cheaper handbags exist that can serve the similar feature perfectly. At stores like Spencer, Marks or COS, you can often find handbags that are extremely stylish for a percentage of the price of a design bag.

On the other hand, a design bag might appeal to you simply because of the feeling of joy and happiness or lavish aura it provides you.

One more advantage of the design bag is that they can serve you for a long life. They can even become a piece of investment in a few cases.

Recently, some rare Hermes handbags have been released the cost of millions of dollars, and a few pieces from Channel have been taken off for more than 25000 dollars.

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