The Mesmerizing Valleys of Himachal and Kashmir get wrapped in a blanket of snow; with picturesque landscapes and thrill-seeking activities. People from all over the world, who do not know about this magical place got to see it for the first time! These are the best tourist places in world Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, or skiing (which is a winter sport), tourists from all age groups and all over the world have witnessed the majestic beauty of this region. The snow-clad hills are a treat for the eyes, especially for nature lovers who adore cold destinations.

The best places to visit in India is Kashmir looks so beautiful when covered by Mesmerizing Valleys of snow; which also reflects the color of majestic mountain peaks. This is not only a recreational destination but also serves as an important link between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir regions. The valley of nangaParbat lies on top of the upper reaches of River Beas and has gained fame after being featured in international films like ‘The Man Who Never Died’ (2010).

The snow-clad valleys are a heaven for adventure seekers. The region offers rafting and kayaking; amongst others, activities. Nanga Parbat is the highest peak in India, it is also known as ‘Killer Mountain’ in Pakistan because of its many deadly incidents. People belonging to different regions especially from Delhi, Chandigarh and Punjab visit this place with their families during winter vacations or weekends and enjoy the snow-biking and skiing along with other adventures activities.

It’s a fascinating journey for visitors or winter travelers, who come to explore the beauty of Himachal and Kashmir. This place is surrounded by snowy peaks, which makes it look gorgeous even during summers. The best places to visit in the world is from October till February when there is a chance of snowfall and cold weather. Many people still believe it’s an extraordinary creature and also consider it as an outlaw mountain that kills people who crosses its boundary wearing flimsy clothes and shoes. In fact, the road leading to Nanga Parbat was closed for tourists in June 2015 owing to heavy snowfall.

The region is also famous for its religious tourist sites such as Shiva Temple, Amarnath Temple, and Vaishno Devi Shrine. Apart from that, another popular attraction is the Peak of Nanga-Parbat, known as Killer Mountain. The area also has the highest motorable road in the world called the ‘Zoji La Pass’ which connects Kashmir to Ladakh.

The road is in a very shabby condition; thus people prefer taking long rides on their bikes to enjoying the snow. The place also has Grand Trunk Road, which is India’s longest and oldest road. It connects the Kashmir Valley to major cities like Jammu Tawi, Pathankot, and Leh. Tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place during winter because it’s a perfect destination for skiing that offers some of the best facilities for skiers. The ski season starts in December and ends in March only after four months, so most travelers prefer coming here during winters.

This snow-capped area is a golden paradise for adventure seekers and thrill-seekers. Most people prefer visiting this place during the winter. It’s an ideal destination for skiing, golf, hiking and other water sports activities, which all can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The region of Himachal Pradesh has five protected areas like Ramgarh Sanctuary, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Satpura National Park, and Bilaspur Wildlife Sanctuary which safeguard its rich flora and fauna. The region is also famous as the home of the Royal Leopard and Snow Leopard which can be seen in many

in the area according to the eco-tourism website “Pinjarahorts”.

But if you are a traveler planning a trip to Kashmir or Himachal during winters then you should be well aware of the health issues that arises in this season. The entire region is situated at high altitudes; so there are chances of getting sick. However, precautions like carrying extra pairs of clothes, blankets and jackets must be taken as soon as you start your journey. The temperature can go down to -5 degrees C, which is checked by constant announcement on local FM Radio channels for travelers who visits the place throughout the year.

The snow-clad valley always offers an unforgettable experience to tourists who plan their trip to this place during the winter and spend some memorable time in it. Most visitors prefer visiting this place when the temperature goes down to -5 degrees C in winter which can be dangerous to health. You must carry warm clothes, slippers and a lot of extra food along with water.

This region is a haven for adventure seekers who come here with their families and enjoy skiing, kayaking and rafting. You can also attend paragliding classes to experience the thrill of flying. The place has numerous hotels, lodges, and camping sites that serve as convenient resting places to travel for all visitors.

This snow-clad valley is located in the Indo-Gangetic Planes of Himalayas in Kashmir and Himachal respectively. It’s encircled by snow-capped mountains and some of them are extremely dangerous even for experienced hikers. This place is famous for adventurous activities like skiing and water sports like rafting or kayaking; which offer some of the best facilities in India.

For adventure lovers, this is the best time to visit Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The snow-clad valley of Nanga Parbat looks gorgeous and even during summers. The place also has five wildlife sanctuaries that protect endangered species like Royal Leopard and Snow Leopard; Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bilaspur Wildlife Sanctuary, Ramgarh Sanctuary, Satpura National Park are renowned for their diverse wildlife like deer, leopards, tigers and elephants.

Before you plan your trip to Kashmir or Himachal in winter; you must keep a few things in mind. The region is located at high altitudes that might cause health issues to travelers who are not well aware of such issues. The temperature can drop down to -5 degrees C, which might be a risk to their health. You must carry warm clothes, enough food, and medical kits along with you so that you can survive in this adverse weather.

It’s an ideal tourist places world for adventure lovers who come here throughout the year during winters. The place is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which appear gorgeous even during summers. It’s a perfect destination for skiing lovers and adventurous travelers who wish to get some of the best experiences in India.

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