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Best Places to Visit in Palakkad

It is the gateway to Kerala at the foot of the western ghats, also known as Palghat. The land of Palakkad is filled with lush paddy fields and tall coconut trees. In addition to these, there are misty mountains, evergreen forests, huge dams, wildlife sanctuaries, and historical monuments and many other best Places to Visit in Palakkad. The granary of Kerala is Palakkad.

You can engage yourself in a variety of entertainment options in Palakkad. There are exotic hills like Nelliyampathy, Attappady that are a delight to see.

Other attractions in Palakkad include Silent Valley National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, and dams like Malampuzha, Mangalam, Pothundi, Kanjirapuzha, Siruvani, and Parambikulam.

It is not only natural attractions in Palakkad, but also made attractions. The Palakkad Fort is one of those places. It is located in the middle of the city, and it welcomes you to this wonderful place. In addition to the fort, a children’s park and an open air stadium called Rappadi are adjacent to it. Malampuzha, also referred to as Kerala’s Vrindavan, is also located in Palakkad.

Parambikulam dam and the wildlife sanctuary are famous for seeing all kinds of animals and plants. Teak plantations and the reservoir are other highlights of Parambikulam.

Places to Visit in Palakkad

1. Malampuzha | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_1

At a distance of 13 km from Palakkad town, Malampuzha, the ‘Vrindavan of Kerala’, is close to Bharathapuzha. The huge dam located in the hilly region of Malampuzha is an amazing sight to behold, as well as a wonderful tourist destination. Since the completion of the dam, the place has been converted into a wonderful tourist attraction.

In Malampuzha, there are also Malampuzha Gardens, a fish shaped freshwater aquarium, snake park, children’s park, a reservoir, a Garden House, Japanese Garden, Hanging Bridge, Yakshi Sculpture, Ropeway, Road Train, Telescopic Tower, Rock Garden, and Fantasy Park.

You can enjoy fishing and boating at the reservoir. The Garden House has a water sports unit. The ropeway is the first of its kind in South India.

Also worth visiting is the thread garden. There are many lifelike models in the thread garden as well as the rock garden and telescopic tower.

2. Sanctuary of Parambikulam | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_2

It is located in the Western Ghats, about 125 kilometers from Palakkad and has a variety of attractions. The dam and wildlife sanctuary here are the most popular.

One can see all kinds of animals and birds here. Parambikulam also has a reservoir with fishing and boating options.

There is a national park named after Salim Ali, the famous bird observer, in this area, which is known for its teak plantations. There is also the oldest teak tree in the world, ‘Kannimaree’.

3. National Park Silent Valley | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_3

Located in the north-east corner of the district, Silent Valley National Park is a unique attraction of Palakkad. The park spreads over 90 and offers the rarest species of animals and birds.

In addition to these, Palakkad National Park houses thousands of tree species. It has a fair representation of peninsular mammals.

4. The Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_4

A famous Peacock Protection Centre is located in Chulannur, 22 km from Palakkad town. Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest is also nearby.

Located just 22 km from Palakkad town, the renowned Peacock Protection Centre in Chulannur beckons wildlife enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest, situated in close proximity, adding another layer of biodiversity to your exploration. Witness the vibrant hues of peacocks in their protected habitat while embracing the serene beauty of the surrounding Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest. This harmonious blend of conservation and nature’s bounty makes for a captivating experience near Palakkad.

5. Istharkundu | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_5

One of the major attractions in Nelliampathy is Seetharkundu, a stunning landscape offering a view of the valley below.

Seetharkundu takes its name from the legend that Sita devi took a bath here with Rama during the vanavasa period. Rama, Sita and Lakshmana lived here during the vanavasa period.

6. Dam at Siruvani | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_6

A common reservoir between Kerala and Tamilnadu is the Siruvani dam, located 80 kilometers from Palakkad town. Coimbatore municipal water is supplied by the dam, which is constructed across Siruvani Puzha, a tributary of Bhavani Puzha. The dam and its surroundings are rich in natural beauty.

Located on the eastern side of the dam, there is a waterfall with a height of 2000 feet. The beauty of the place and the cool climate make it a popular destination for visitors.

7. Dam at Mangalam | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_7

Located 48 kilometers south of Palakkad town, this dam is constructed across Cherukunnu Puzha, a tributary of the Mangalam river. This dam is surrounded by the natural beauty of Palakkad, and is home to many wild animals. The reservoir’s fringes are home to deer, elephants, and rare birds.

8. Madom Thunchan | Places to Visit in Palakkad

A place blessed with literary men, Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam language, spent his last years in Sokanashini, an old building in Chittur Thekkegramam village. He was also known as Guru Madom. A precious memento of the man is the pen he used to write in Sokanashini, an old building in Chittur Thekkegramam village.

9. Dam at Pothundi | Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad_8

The Pothundi Dam is located 38 km south of Palakkad town on the Nelliyampathy route. The dam spans Padipuzha and Meenchadipuzha, two subtributaries of Ayilurpuzha, which is a tributary of Bharathapuzha.

10. Deer Park & JP Smrithivanam | Places to Visit in Palakkad

A must-see place is JP Smirthivanam and Deer Park located 22 km from Palakkad town on the Palakkad-Coimbatore road. In the park, you can watch deer and other animals roam in their natural habitat. There is also elephant riding available.


Palakkad, often referred to as the gateway to Kerala at the foot of the Western Ghats, is a land of captivating contrasts. Rich in lush paddy fields, tall coconut trees, misty mountains, evergreen forests, and historical monuments, it stands as the granary of Kerala. The region offers diverse entertainment options, from the exotic hills of Nelliyampathy to the wildlife sanctuaries like Silent Valley and Parambikulam.

Palakkad’s made attractions, such as the historic Palakkad Fort, the scenic Malampuzha with its Vrindavan-like charm, and the unique Thread Garden, showcase a perfect blend of culture and creativity. The region’s natural wonders like Parambikulam Dam and Sanctuary boast a rich biodiversity, featuring all kinds of animals and plants. Additionally, the National Park Silent Valley stands as a unique attraction housing rare species of animals and birds.

Exploring Palakkad wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre, where vibrant peacocks thrive in a protected habitat amidst the Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest. The list of places to visit in Palakkad, including Malampuzha, Parambikulam, Silent Valley, Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre, Istharkundu, Dam at Siruvani, Dam at Mangalam, Madom Thunchan, Dam at Pothundi, and Deer Park & JP Smrithivanam, ensures a diverse and fulfilling experience for every traveler. Discover the natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance that define Palakkad, making it a must-visit destination in Kerala.

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