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12 Best Tourist Places in Trivandrum

Embark on a journey to the captivating city of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, where a rich tapestry of history and culture is intricately woven into the breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches. Trivandrum unfolds as a treasury of experiences among the tourist places in Trivandrum, catering to the preferences of every traveler. Explore ancient temples with age-old mysteries and vibrant markets that capture the essence of local life. Whether you’re immersed in the city’s wonders during the day or enchanted beneath the night sky, Trivandrum promises to spellbind you with its unique allure and diverse attractions.


  1. Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

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Among the tourist places in Trivandrum, the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum stands out as a stunning 19th-century palace showcasing traditional Kerala architecture. Within its walls, you’ll find an extensive array of artifacts, encompassing ancient weapons, sculptures, and paintings. Exploring this museum provides a distinctive perspective on the history and royal legacy of the region.

2.Napier Museum

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Kerala’s art and history are showcased at the Napier Museum, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Trivandrum. The museum, which features unique Indo-Saracenic architecture, is home to a wide variety of treasures, including bronze statues, antique decorations, and beautiful ivory carvings. Don’t miss the amazing natural history gallery, which features a wide variety of taxidermy and animal skeletons.

3.Sree Chithra Art Gallery

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Next to the Napier Museum lies the Sree Chithra Art Gallery, an exhibition of Kerala’s artistic legacy. Delve into the creations of acclaimed artists such as Raja Ravi Varma, alongside traditional Mughal and Rajput paintings. This destination is a must-visit for those passionate about art among the tourist places in Trivandrum.

4.Shanghumukham Beach

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Shanghumukham Beach emerges as a favored destination among both residents and visitors for relaxation along the Arabian Sea. Offering immaculate shores and a tranquil ambiance, it provides an ideal setting for a beachfront picnic or a leisurely walk. As the day concludes, the beach takes on a particularly captivating allure, establishing it as one of the finest places to discover in Trivandrum during the night.

5.Trivandrum Zoo

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The Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, also known as the Trivandrum Zoo, is situated in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram in the Indian state of Kerala. Regarded as one of the oldest zoos in India, it was established in 1857 by the Maharaja of Travancore. This zoo holds significance as one of Kerala’s prominent tourist attractions.

6.Veli Tourist Village

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The Veli Tourist Village, situated at the confluence of Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, offers distinctive boating and picnic experiences. Guests can opt for pedal boats or paddle boats based on their preferences. Exploring the gardens for a pleasant picnic or renting boats for the entire duration of the visit is also an option. The ambiance is truly special, especially given its proximity, just 12 kilometers from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, making it notable among the tourist places in Trivandrum. Children enjoy climbing sculptures and the exhilarating speedboat rides on the waters. Additionally, the presence of a separate Children’s Park and Floating Cafe managed by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) adds extra appeal to this unique village.

7.Magic Planet

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The Magic Planet, the very first magic-themed park in the world, is quickly rising to prominence as one of Kerala’s most popular tourist attractions. It is situated in Trivandrum. The public can now visit this enchanting magical castle, which was created to showcase magic’s charms and investigate its limitless potential.

A myriad of captivating activities awaits visitors. Among the various sections, the ‘Street Magic Venue’ stands out, presenting mesmerizing performances and tricks like ‘The Indian Mango Mystery’ and the ‘Indian Basket Trick’ on the streets, drawing crowds of spectators. Whether it’s the magical presentation of William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ or the ‘Magic Gallery’ at the History Museum, featuring rare memorabilia that narrates the story of magic and magicians from the Middle Ages to the 1950s, or the ‘Circus Castle’ hosting hypnotic and mesmerizing acts, the Magic Planet promises to captivate you in ways that go beyond description, making it a noteworthy inclusion among the tourist places in Trivandrum.

8.Kovalam Beach

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The world-famous Kovalam Beach is distinguished by its gently curving shoreline lined with palm trees and lively beachside eateries. The calm waters make for a great environment for swimming, tanning, and surfing. Notably, Kovalam Beach has a vibrant nightlife and is one of the best places to explore in Trivandrum in the evening.

  1. Poovar Island

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Poovar Island is a serene haven where the Neyyar River converges with the Arabian Sea. Enveloped  by verdant landscapes and golden sandy shores, this scenic spot is an ideal choice for a calm retreat. Exploring the backwaters via boat provides an opportunity to witness a variety of flora and fauna. It stands as a notable attraction among the tourist places in Trivandrum.

  1. Agasthyakoodam

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Agasthyakoodam, a component of the Western Ghats, stands as the second-highest peak in Kerala. Boasting a diverse range of flora and fauna, this trekking spot provides breathtaking vistas of the nearby scenery. A permit is necessary for the trek, and access is limited to the official trekking season. It constitutes a noteworthy attraction among the tourist places in Trivandrum.

  1. Ponmudi Hill Station

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Ponmudi Hill Station presents itself as a charming retreat, celebrated for its abundant green landscapes, meandering roads, and mist-covered hills. The station provides chances for trekking, designated areas for picnics, and stunning panoramas of the nearby scenery. It stands as an ideal sanctuary, offering a break from the hectic pace of urban life, and is recognized among the tourist places in Trivandrum.

Best Time to Visit Trivandrum

Selecting the opportune moment to explore Trivandrum involves aiming for the winter months, spanning from October to February. This timeframe unveils a city draped in comfortable weather, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. It’s an idyllic period for immersing oneself in Trivandrum’s cultural tapestry, with landmarks like the Padmanabhaswamy Temple and the verdant Napier Museum gardens beckoning exploration. Eschew the monsoon months, June to September, marked by heavy rainfall and potential travel hiccups. The summer heat, from March to May, adds a touch of discomfort. Opting for the winter window ensures an enriching Trivandrum escapade sans weather-related hindrances.


Trivandrum, a captivating city woven with rich history, unveils a tapestry of enchanting tourist places. Explore the spiritual legacy at the Padmanabhaswamy Temple and delve into the royal heritage at the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum. The Napier Museum showcases Kerala’s art and history, while the Sree Chithra Art Gallery celebrates the state’s artistic legacy. Relax on the shores of Shanghumukham Beach and witness wildlife at the Trivandrum Zoo. The Veli Tourist Village offers unique boating experiences, and the Magic Planet adds a touch of wonder. Kovalam Beach invites with its crescent-shaped shoreline, while Poovar Island and Ponmudi Hill Station provide serene getaways. For trekking enthusiasts, Agasthyakoodam offers spectacular views. Embrace Trivandrum’s allure, a harmonious blend of culture and nature among these captivating tourist places in Trivandrum.


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