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Light fixtures for a charming rustic decor: 3 extraordinary styles you shouldn’t miss

In the world of interior design, you could find many elements come into play. Space planning and colors are essential, but even more important is lighting. With proper light intensity and temperature, you could transform any place. 

A charming rustic decor combines both modern and contemporary visual elements. That said, three extraordinary light fixtures you could use are multi-light pendants such as spotlights, hanging pendants and lanterns, and wall sconces with either bulbs or candles for lighting.

Before moving on to the styles of lighting, let’s understand what a rustic theme looks and feels like.

What defines a rustic theme?

The overall outlook of a rustic interior design of house in india is that it’s not completely modern. It is a balance between the old and the new. So you could imagine a rustic indian home decoration ideas giving off cottage vibes, whilst also being simple. 

Such a theme could feel like a sea breeze or even a slightly modern farmhouse. Picture yourself having plain pastel walls with slightly dark accents. Rustic settings hardly have any saturated colors to overall project a calm and soothing feel.

1. Multi-light pendant

Are you living in a space with hardly any natural light? Your best shot is to fix a spotlight – and not just one, but two or three. You could buy a set and get them fixed in a horizontal style against the ceiling. 

Since spotlights have rotating heads, you can turn them as you please. But to make them look rustic, you may have to add stick-ons to the head. You could paint them metallic or use shades to hide their bodies. As an alternative, getting them in glass could be perfect for a minimalistic yet charming appeal!

2. Hanging lanterns

Gone are the days when a indian home decoration ideas would have only gas lanterns! These days, lanterns are hanging lights that come in a variety of shades. They don’t have to be in the lantern style either, you could also get a hanging pendant, which is as close as it gets to the form of a lantern.

You could pick from various hanging lanterns these days. Check out a few interior design of house in india lighting ideas below that involve lanterns:

  • Hanging glass pendants in which you can put bulbs that glow through the transparent casing. It looks elegant and perfect for rooms with wooden backdrops.
  • Black pendants: When in doubt, choose black. Hanging pendants in dark colors is best if you want to add lighting in a room with deep tones and don’t want the fixtures to be focal points. 
  • Bell-shaped pendants: You could get these in classic black, grey, brown, or other earthly tones.

Lantern lightings or hanging pendants are best when hung above the table. Alternatively, you could also go for a chandelier that has a twisted design with shades hanging from it. 

3. Wall Sconces

Bulbs don’t look any good if you simply fix them on the wall. With wall sconces, the choices expand. For instance, you could have bronze sconces with engraved designs for the classic and rustic look. 

You could even have them made of wood instead of metal. Engraved pieces look fancy and traditional, which is why they make an excellent choice for any setting. All wall sconces could be of different shapes, and some may even have spaces for two to three lighting fixtures rather than one.

And then there are the types of lighting you can choose from for wall sconces. You can either put in bulbs inside the shades or you can fix candles too. While the latter may not be permanent fixtures for lighting, they are never out of fashion. 


So you can transform any room with permanent and unique light fixtures. For spaces with little natural light, spotlights are the best choice. You could rotate their heads as you wish, so they offer the most flexibility. But if you’re looking for an edge, then go with hanging lanterns or lights. They’re the best to have over dining tables or in the middle of the ceiling of any room. Last but not least, traditional engraved wall sconces made of metal or wood also 

As far as color is concerned, remember that earth tones make the best choice for the charming rustic feeling. You can never go wrong with a bunch of brown tones and shades!

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