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Plant Foundation – Excellent Low maintenance Shrubs to Enhance Landscaping

So you have had with overgrown, scraggly front Plant landscape bushes that have grown very close to the home and never look pleasing. Or maybe you have got new house with plan surface. Or, perhaps it is just you know your front yard needs something attractive, but you do not know what it’s. Regardless, you need shrubs are very special sauce your home landscape design. They assist frame you’re your area, dress up a brae yard, bring color and balance to the sale of tree and your home, and give covers for wildlife and birds. These low maintenance shrubs can help you to make your front yard appealing and attractive to anyone.
Coral Bells

Splash some color into front home yard with the gorgeous leaves of coral bells. These plants provide nearly any sort of hue, and prefer a part shade and life of part sun. Several verities bring bicolor designs to the life. Plant them at the edge of beds or fill out some containers. They are low maintenance and frequently deer resistant.

It is a fast-growing low-maintenance shrub that most landscapers love to plant. They’ve dark-purpose color plants all year but blossom with wispy pink flowers during spring season. Because they rise very quickly, they make a fine option if it is the privacy you are looking for.

A shrub with pale purplish-blue color flowers in the later summer season that are elegant to multitudes of pollinators, it makes a stunning addition to your landscape. Ranging in height from 30” to 4ft, there’s a shrub that fits each space.
You can try “Lil Sunshine” for magenta blooms and small height, or “Sapphire Surf” for bigger shrub will dark green royal and foliage purple flowers. Best planted in zones five to nine, the Bluebeard plan will stand out and add color to your yard while offering a tasty snack to the local pollinators.

Abelia has shiny foliage and some fragrant flowers that give late summer and early autumn blooms, which is ideal for your great appeal and for attracting pollinators. The shrub also tolerates some shade, so it is a fine option up against buildings.
Read the plant tag so you will know its mature height, just because a few varieties reach 4 – 6 feet tall, wither all others top out at 2 – 3 feet tall.

Good luck finding a beautiful flowering shrub with several options and diversity than the Viburnums! It does not matter if you are looking for elegant foliage colors, showy blossoms, and sweet aromas. This shrub has a ton of varieties that look to have it all.

If you want an edgy and tough evergreen shrub that does not skimp on the looks then go for Mahonia. With its elegant colors and fruits, this bush can add a fine accent to your front landscape. Though, Mahonia cannot be planted just anyplace.
The leaves of this plant are pointed, sharp, and extremely prickly. For that matter, it should not be planted everywhere near driveways and sidewalks. It is still an extremely beautiful shrub and one that is worthwhile in its way, though. As it seems like a cross among Staghorn Sumac and holly, it is a unique addition to any home landscape design.


Need something to liven up your landscape at the darkest times of the year? Grow Pieris – this lover’s evergreen shrub has slightly bell-styled flower clusters that appear in later winter season to early spring, offering a much-needed color scheme that time of the year. It is one of just a few shrubs that tolerate most of the shade. Look for dwarf options for small areas.

Forsythias shrubs are known for the wonderful yellow blooms that cover branches before their leaves even show themselves. Forsythias plant can give a cherry background that is ideal as a border or the focal point of any home landscape design inspiration.

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