It is worth exploring why Kerala is called God’s Own Country, as it has so many beautiful cities that will leave a lasting impression on your mind. Kollam, on the Malabar coast of India, is one of them.

Among the best tourist attractions to visit in Kerala as well as our country, the city is home to some of the most beautiful things you will ever see! Explore the rich tapestry of tourist places in Kollam, where serene backwaters, historic landmarks, and vibrant cultural sites await discovery.

Kollam, renowned for its beaches and its long history of trade dating back to the Middle Ages, is the ideal fusion of nature and culture. We’ve compiled a list of the top attractions in Kollam because there are so many amazing sites to see.

There are many tourist attractions in Kollam, but remember that the nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram. You should book your flight and hotels in Kollam well in advance to avoid any problems.

Best Tourist Places in Kollam

1. Jatayu’s Earth Centre

Jatayu Earth’s Centre, spanning 65 acres of land, is a unique rock-themed park dedicated to showcasing mythology and offering thrilling adventures. Among the well-known tourist attractions in Kollam, this nature park boasts the world’s largest bird sculpture.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy a range of exciting activities such as paintball, laser tag, archery, and more. The centre also houses a 6D theatre, digital audio-visual room, cable car ride, and Siddha Cave Healing Centre for a truly immersive experience. A must-see at the centre is the virtual reality museum that narrates the legend of Jatayu.

2. Palaruvi Waterfalls

On the Kollam-Shencottah Road, Palaruvi means “milky streams”. It is a stunning waterfall that falls from 300 feet. An ideal time to visit this place is June to January, when it is the best time to see it. You can also picnic there even in low season. This waterfall is the 32nd highest waterfall in India and known for its Ayurvedic properties, making it one of the best Tourist Attractions in Kollam for couples.

3. Sasthamkotta Lake

Our next stop on our Kollam sightseeing tour is Sasthamkotta Lake, the state’s largest freshwater lake. Its name comes from the Sastham Temple, which is situated on its bank. This temple is definitely one of the biggest attractions at the lake! You can spend some time exploring the lake and watching the many fish that live there. You can also go boating and swimming!

4. Amritapuri

Amritapuri, also known as Parayakadavu, is a highly revered destination for Hindus. It is home to the renowned Ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, a world-renowned saint and the headquarters of her international organization. The Ashram houses numerous disciples and students who seek spiritual guidance from this revered saint.

Thousands of followers from around the world flock to this tourist attractions in search of inner peace and their life’s purpose. Whether you have a spiritual inclination or simply want to witness the workings of this large organization, a visit to this tourist attractions is highly recommended.


5. Thenmala Ecotourism

Thenmala is a sought-after destination for both foreign and domestic tourists, offering an array of activities such as boating on the lake, traversing a rope bridge, trekking, mountaineering, biking, and enjoying a captivating musical fountain.

It is conveniently located near both Trivandrum and Punalur, with the nearest railway station being Punalur. Those traveling nationally will find Kollam-QLN to be a more accessible option. A must-see attraction nearby is the breathtaking waterfall known as Palaruvi.

Additionally, visitors can visit a deer rehabilitation center situated in a lush forest setting. Here, they can observe these majestic animals and even catch a glimpse of a traditional tree house used by forest dwellers to protect themselves from wild animals.

6. Rameshwara Temple

Rameshwara Temple is not merely a place of worship, but also a vessel of cultural and historical significance. According to legend, Lord Rama consecrated the temple, making it an important pilgrimage point. Known for its blend of Kerala and Dravidian architecture, the temple tells stories of ancient craftsmanship.

7. Thangassery Lighthouse

In search of the top sights to see in Kollam? The Thangassery Lighthouse, alternatively referred to as the Tangasseri Light House, proudly holds the title of the second tallest lighthouse on Kerala’s coast and is consequently a popular destination in the state. Standing at 41 metres (135 feet), this operational lighthouse has been shining since 1902. Its striking appearance, marked by red and white slanted stripes, is easily recognizable and adds to its grandeur and charm.

8. Mayyanad

One of the best tourist Attractions in Kollam is this village, which has nine important temples. It is located at a distance of 10 kms from Kollam and lies on both the banks of the Paravur Lake and the coast of the Arabian Sea. One of the best Tourist Attractions in  Kollam is the village with some of the oldest temples of Kollam visited by pilgrims from all over the country.

9. Kollam Beach

If you’ve always dreamed of having a beach wedding for the picturesque waves and the romantic photographs, Kollam Beach is the perfect site for your big day. The serene views of the Arabian Sea entice all sorts of visitors from all sorts of Tourist Attractions here, even if you’re not getting married! Its lighthouse and park are both well known to tourists, as is the Tangasseri Lighthouse.

10. Munroe Island

A picturesque little island at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada river, Kollam is home to the famous Dutch church, one of Kerala’s most beautiful churches.

11. Kulathupuzha

Located on the banks of Kulathupuzha, Kulathupuzha is mainly known for its Sastha Temple and dairy farms. The famous Vishnu Mahotsav takes place in April-May, making it an obvious choice for Vishnu devotees. Kandamath Heritage Resort, Hotel Royal Green, Thenmala Heritage, Kumar Palace, and Panacea ventures are some of the tourist attractions to stay.

12. Paravur Backwaters Kayaking

Paravur Backwaters, situated in southern Kerala, is a hidden gem that not many people are aware of. The waterbody is known for its safety and protected environment, free from any major tidal impact.

With a depth of no more than 10 feet and a width of not more than 1 km, you can enjoy your time here without worrying about getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

Additionally, the absence of motorboats ensures a peaceful atmosphere without any wake or noise disturbance. Being a part of the West Coast Canal System, Paravur Backwaters also serves as a connection to NW3 National Waterway between Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram.


13. Thenmala Deer Park

You can spot many types of deer here, including Barking Deers, Spambar Deers, Spotted Deers, Axis Deers, and many more. There’s also a children’s park and a tree house to explore.

14. Kollam Adventure Park

Relax and unwind in the lap of nature, take in fresh air, as it is an ideal tourist attractions to find respite amidst lush greenery and recreational activities. The park is situated next to Ashtamudi’s backwaters and is a favourite spot for locals to enjoy picnics with their loved ones and adventure activities. For a fun day out, it is one of the best Tourist Attractions in Kollam.

15. Kottukkal Rock Cut Temple

An idyllic example of rock-cut temple architecture, Kottukal Rock-cut Cave Temple is located on Thiruvanathapuram-Kottayam Road. The temple is located in Ittiva Panchayat in Kollam district. The temple consists of two cells on either side with Sivalingams in each with a projection depicting Lord Ganapathy at the center.

16. Punalur

The historic Punalur Suspension Bridge in Kerala was constructed by the British in 1877 and is a popular tourist attraction in Kollam. It spans 400 feet and is affectionately referred to as the “London Bridge of Kerala” due to its striking resemblance. Originally built to protect the town from wild animals entering from the nearby forest, it now stands as a symbol of Punalur. Recently, it has been included in the Kerala Tourism Circuit, further enhancing the city’s reputation as the “City of Hanging Bridges.”

The Rameshwara Temple provides spiritual comfort, and Kollam’s beaches and backwaters offer breathtaking natural scenery. Every visit brings back a variety of memories. It is a voyage that nourishes the spirit, enlivens the intellect, and makes your heart sing; it is not only a destination. Prepare yourself, therefore, for an experience that will thrill and enrich you in equal measure.