Every time you go to a commercial gym you have to do lot of preparing. Packing all the stuffs for gym like the shoes, dress and supplements all the time is boring and waste of time. Then you have to go to your tour destinationn passing all the traffic and other stuffs. And the last thing is inside the gym you have to wait for your desired tools to get. I bet you can avoid all these stuff by installing gym at home (Home Gym).

Now the question is how it would cost to set up a Home Gym? Well, I will help you with that. I’ll show how you could set up a gym at home easily at home on budget.

It is for sure you can set up a $20,000 or more set up at home but is that good idea for you. If you cannot afford that much money then decides before installing. The fact is that you can set up a home gym under One thousand dollar. Whether you want to lose weight or want to grow muscle, you’ll need certain set up at the first stage on top 10 places to visit world.

There is hundreds of equipment available and recommendable but these items are foundational and needed at every level of exercise. These things are on your budget and incredibly good for better experience of exercise. Let’s have a look on some of the budget-friendly and efficient gym tools during top 10 places to visit world.

Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar

A squat rack is the most needed item in almost every gym. Nowadays every level of squat racks can handle whatever weights you put on them. So there is no need get a high level squat racks. It is needed to do squats, pull ups and other exercises so this is must item in your home gym. A well quality squat rack should have the capacity of around 1,000 Lbs. and come with a multi-grip pull-up bar. A red or blue color rack will suit in your home gym.

Flat Bench

Many of us may think that a bench can be only used to bench press. Actually with your creativity a bench could be a versatile exercise tool. You can turn your bench to do box squats, spilt squats, box jumps and many more. For this, you’ll need a 17 inches height of bench strongly glued foam pad. There are lot of durable benches are available in low budget.


It might be the highest quality of all other equipment you have on your gym. This is one of the mostly used equipment as well. That is where the question durability is considered most. For those who do overhead press, squat or deadlift we recommend to use a good quality steel-made barbell. 

A minimum of 200k PSI tensile strength shaft and powerlifting knurl marks are well in quality. Remember that, high tensile strength steel and bronze rotation system barbell may last for your whole life. Among other pieces of equipment, a barbell might cost you the most but it will not cross the budget.

Weight Plate

It is logical move to buy some weight plates if you have barbell. Weight plates come in different colors, materials and sizes but the best will be iron plates. Thanks to the second hand weight plates that has no issue of size, availability or weighs. This section gives you the independence of cutting budget. If you do clean and jerk then you’ll need a bumper plates too. Don’t worry bumper plates are also comes in budget and it has a well weight accuracy which is made of virgin rubber.

The mentioned equipment will not exceed $1,000 but will ensure your home gym decoration well tour destination. An average one year gym membership cost might be enough to replace it to your home.

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