Wine tastes differ as many of the drinkers like the old-school Sauvignon on the other hand others like the new trendy Vineyards. We think that wine areas should be wider for the oenophiles. There is nothing wrong with discovering new varieties and regions for the collectors and casual drinkers. 

Here we put some of the world’s most off-beat and emerging Wine regions. Many of them are family-owned, tranquil wineries which could be visited as tourists. There you will found some new varieties and methods that you weren’t familiar with. These wines are very complex for the variety of price and for its flavor. We have shortened the list best Wine Regions that you must know and visit as an oenophiles. 

Alsace, France

Everyone knows Languedoc is the largest wine production region of France. It produces mix blend of red wines collected from over 50 different grapes. The Burgundy, Loir valley, Rhone Valley, Bordeaux are well known wine from France’s wine monastery. 

Alsace is located in the border of the country. It provides one third of the total production among all other regions. Top rated wineries, cuisines are providing a sustainable wine production method over years which will make you fan of the wines.


The largest wine region in Switzerland located near Geneva Lake. Very few amounts are exported from Switzerland that is why people know a little about the quality wine of this region. The vineyards were announced as a world heritage site because of its Swiss wine production. It offers quality white wine rich with Minerals. This is a beat spicy but healthier than other wines. The only way you get this wine by visiting the country.

Noussa, Greece

Greece is famous in this sector for a long time. They claimed to produce quality wine at a very low cost. High quality wines like blue red wine and blue zones were popular here. The blue zones gained worldwide popularity as was rich for its mineral flavor. A specific brand Ikaria is famous for its heart health benefits.

Greece has a relation with gods in their wine too. Greeks believe there is a god of wine and the red wine naoussa’s is believed to be blessed by the god of wine. Greeks also believe that the god of wine have been born in Greece. The beautiful village of Paros is known as the birth place of wine god.

Greeks think it is the reason why this place is the golden land of red grape production. As the Greeks thought these grapes produce excellent quality wine that is rich of tannic, acidic and juicy flavor.

Missouri Wine Country, USA

USA is not typically famous for wine production especially the southern regions. But the Missouri state grape has over 100 different wineries. The state previously used grape hybrids to help the industry within the country. They tried to revive the French and German industries at specific. 

El Bierzo, Spain

It is often over-shadowed by the popular wine regions like the Rioja and Ribera. This region’s soil is widespread with slate and granite which ensures a wine rich with minerals. The area is in the north of Spain. Bierzo wines are mostly come from the Mencia grapes.

Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia

The Peljesac Peninsula in the Dalmatian area is one of the quality wine regions in Croatia. You can visit this place from Durovnik. This place is perfectly hot for producing wines and grapes. Famous wineries from this place are Milos and Marlais. 

Alentejo, Portugal

The southern-central region of Portugal Alentejo is well known for the production of quality grapes and wines. The sub-regions also produce varieties of grape although suffering from climate change effects. 

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