We all know that Kashmir is popular for its scenic beauty, but with a little help from this travel blog, you can see some of the most beautiful places to travel in this state. So stay tuned to find out about some of the most breathtaking sites in India. Kashmir has been a tourist destination for decades and there are many destinations worth exploring. The best thing about Visit Kashmir these places is that they are not always as crowded as other popular tourist spots so you can get a more intimate experience with nature and culture.

If you love outdoor activities and adventurous sports, then Srinagar is the best place for you. There are many adventure sports that you can take part in and it is always better to do them with a professional. If you love kayaking, then this is a great spot for it. The waters of Dal Lake are very calm and if there’s no wind, it’s perfect for kayaking. For those of you who like to sightsee and relax at the same time can go to Avantipur or Humhama or Bijbehara. These places are known as Mini Kashmir as they have many beautiful gardens that can be explored.

1. Srinagar

The capital of Jammu and Kashmir is the largest city in the region. Srinagar means ‘City of Flowers’ in Sanskrit. The place has a rich cultural heritage and is one of the few places in India where you can encounter centuries old culture hand-in-hand with modernity.

For those of you who love jogging, Visit Kashmir remains one of the best spots for it. When you decide to go for a run in this place, all you need to do is give yourself some time to explore the beauty that nature has blessed this city with. The lush green forests and pine forests here create a perfect setting for jogging enthusiasts.

2. Gulmarg

This is one of the best places to visit in the world. Every winter thousands of people from all over the country come to Visit Kashmir this place and experience snowfall on its peak even if only for few hours. This place is known as meadow of flowers because every year during spring there is a festival of flowers held here. The main attractions in this destination are skiing, paragliding, skiing and hiking up to the peak. You can see some amazing views from here as you look down at the skiing grounds and there is a view of Dal Lake too in some areas. For those who want to relax, they can simply take a walk around the meadows without worrying about going downhill or uphill because there are no slopes here.

3. Pahalgham

This is also known as the summer capital. Located in the Upper Patan region, this place is popular for being a hive of activity all throughout the summer season. This place has some very good shops where you can get trendy clothes and accessories to wear during summer time. Pahalgam, which means ‘White River’ in Kashmiri language, is a smaller town than Gulmarg but it has great restaurants and pubs here with recreational areas too. For those who like to go for boating, you can do it at Phalgu Lake near Pahalgam. If you love adventure sports then this place is best for you as it has many places where thrilling activities are taking place.

4. Dal Lake

This is a well known tourist spot in Kashmir and is also one of the most Visit Kashmir places. This artificial lake occupies an area of 183 acres and it is located at an altitude of more than 8000 feet. Srinagar which is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir lies on the banks of Dal lake. The lake’s water is rich in minerals like nitrates and phosphates, which make it an ideal place for fishing and other recreational activities.

The beauty of this lake cannot be ignored because it has a mixed culture and vegetation as well. Around 80% of the Dal Lake lies in Pampore forest while around 20% lies in Zohri forest on its northern banks.

5. Sonamarg

Sonamarg is also called the Valley of Gold for its golden pine forests and grasses and this makes it a popular tourist attraction. The place is accessible from Pahalgam and Chandanwari. For those of you who love exploring places by foot, you can do that here without any fear because the paths are safe and there are a lot of signboards that guide people around. The place looks just like paradise with its lush green meadows and pine forests. This tourist places world has beautiful views especially after sunset so the best time to visit Sonamarg is in autumn or spring season when people come to see the changing colors of nature as well as enjoy skiing activities in Gulmarg.

6. Patnitop

This place is located at the far north of Kashmir and is home to a number of Himalayan peaks. The best time to Visit Kashmir this place is from November till February as people go up for skiing here. During winter, it gets covered in snow and in summer, there are many places where you can enjoy sightseeing activities like hiking up a mount or even go boating on the lake. You get a good view of snow capped mountains from here so it is a must visit place.

7. Dachigam National Park

This place is home to many rare species of wild animals, birds, and plants. The place is fairly steep with scarce vegetation and you might see many dried leaves on the way but once you reach the climax point, you will get to see 360 degree view of the valley. This place is perfect for nature lovers as it has a lot of trees which are hundreds of years old and there are pine forests as well. The place has large chir pine trees and walnut trees too. If you like trekking or camping then this is a great spots for camping here because it gives you a feeling that even though there are so many people around, it still seems like you are all alone out there in nature.

There are many other best places to visit in India like the Gulmarg Ski resort, Sheesh Mahal, Amar Singh temple, Chashme Shahi garden and the Shalimar gardens. These are the less crowded places that you would love to visit. While you visit all these sites do remember to keep your camera handy as there are many beautiful scenes that you will want to capture forever! Have a wonderful time exploring Kashmir and we hope that this article helps you plan your trip better.

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