We live in a time where everything has been upgraded in the sense that it can be controlled with the help of the internet and a huge chunk of this revolution has been implemented into the smart new tech home. Today you can see all those Home Security Device types of camera systems, infrared detectors, motion detectors, security alarms, and other such things connected with the internet and are operable from anywhere on the planet. Here are some news technology india Home Security Device for you.

Innovation is the screaming chant of the smart home market

Even if you are not home you can monitor the complete activity that is going around, control the locks of your home and even the individual rooms, and more promptly can have peace of mind that you are secure and even if you are not home your belongings and everything is fully secure.

Apart from that other integrated functions of the home such as controlling the lighting, temperature, HVAC functionality and many such things can now also be regulated with the help of your smartphone. So, in a way the world has come very far away, from simple locks to the implementation of smart home security parameters, it is nonetheless a revolution in itself. But even so, we have been dazzled with this amazing home security device that is the Cocoon Security system.

What is it and what does it do?

This is a cool little home security device that primarily comes equipped with almost everything. It has got a nice camera that can be tilted on various angles to produce the details in a 360-degree orientation, motion sensors to detect any kind of movement may it be related to noise or touch, and above all smartphone activity so that you can always be in constant connection with this amazing smart device. The device is also capable of detecting invaders in each room of your house and the good part is that you don’t have to place this device in every room of the house.

Simply choose a location or space where you want this device to be and it would just sit there but it would be working eccentrically, parsing through outer data consistently to detect any kind of distortion going around whatsoever may it be an intruder making even the bleakest of noise or some other security threat. Now you would be wondering how this device would be able to tell the difference between a regular person within the home and an intruder?

Good question, the device comes equipped with smart machine learning capability which means that it would at first learn the movement style and pattern of the people who live in your home and save it in its memory news technology india. So that when it finds a pattern or noise that is different from the data that has been secured inside of it the device is simply going to beep and will alert you as well as the authorities. With that being said you have to give this device some credit as it might be the most interesting home security gadget that has ever been designed.

Working principle of the device

You would definitely be dazzled with the working of the Cocoon security system as it uses infrasound which is an incredibly accurate new tech that is being used for decades for the detection of earthquakes. It can detect low-frequency sound waves that are even out of the normal hearing capacity for humans.

With that being said it parses the data that is collected by it from the outside and then cross analyzes with all the sound data and gait analysis of the people it has stored within. This is how it can tell apart the normal activity from the suspicious one. And when the suspicious activity is registered with the device the user would automatically get a notification on their smartphone filling them in about all the dedicated aspects of this suspicious activity such as in what room the activity was reported, if the authorities have been alerted and other such actions too.

The biggest benefit of the Cocoon security camera is that it basically rids the homeowners from having to install multiple scanners and sensors in every room thus doubling or even tripling their expense on smart home security. Here you only have to get your hands on the single Cocoon smart homes technology and after that, you are all set. You can get this amazing device today starting simply at $300 and if you feel the need then you can even upgrade it later on.

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