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Beautiful Living Room Focus Points – Every Thing You Need to Know About

Regardless of your preferred design style, your living room needs a stunning focal point. The Living Room Design central point is one of the most essential parts of home modern interior design.

It is a spot your eyes are pinched to the 2nd you enter into the Living Room, a focal point in the living area that the complete design can be formed around to highlight its importance.

Usually, the perfect spot for this is at eye level – this mistakes the link among your eyes, and the feature is seamless and straightforward. However, suppose you want to redesign and redecorate your living room Decorating Ideas but are unsure where to get started. In that case, you can perhaps begin a specific function that can bring in positive attention.

Highlight Your Best Feature in Living Area 

Ideally, the living areas of your house interior design are a built-in point. In that case, all you’ve to do is Design Inspiration your own in such a way that emphasizes existing features.

This also makes it easier to decide how to layout the space. For example, some of the most focal points in the living room are:

  • Fireplace – Fireplaces can ground the room. Be sure to set a seating space around the fire and, if possible, utilize bold pieces of art over the mantle.
  • Outdoor views and Windows – Stunning views – particularly gorgeous ones – are a simple option for a living room focal point. Despite what else is in the space, eyes naturally move there. If you are lucky enough to have this sort of view, everything you need to do is let the windows be as large and un-obscured as possible.
  • Vaulted Ceilings – While it does not look like they need very much design, it is vital to ensure they stay newly painted and include a soft, bold light fixture.
  • Built-in Shelving – Several times, fireplaces and built-in shelving go hand-in-hand. Even if that is not the matter, the procedure remains pretty the same. Start by making a seating place around the shelving, and be sure to style your living areas purposely so they are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Angled Walls – Consider Making this living room wall a focal point by making an accent wall or, if appropriate, playing up a characteristic like a window seat.

Create Your Own Living Room Focal Point


Sometimes, there is no built-in feature to highlight, and it is necessary to create one yourself. While this does take a bit more effort upfront, it is far from impossible. But, again, there’re a bunch of options to pick from, so feel free to choose anyone that works excellent for you.

  • Art Work – A mirror or a statement artwork piece can carry space by itself. In this case, you will want to ensure the part you pick is large enough to suit the wall on which it is hung. It’d be placed at eye level, and when possible, you’d add accent lighting to emphasize the piece even more.

  • Accent Walls – Accent Walls have forever been a famous practice for a living area focal point. Usually, if there’s no built-in feature, an accent wall can be made on the furthest wall from the entrance into the room. Be sure to use patterned wallpaper or bold paint color to draw everyone’s attention.
  • Statement Furniture –Furniture Ideas can serve as a beautiful living room focal point. This is usually the case in bedrooms and dining areas, where there’s a central piece in the room. Here you will want to add accents like a center point for the table or several throw pillows on the bed to assist draw the eye.
  • Backsplashes – Bathrooms and Kitchens tend to have their standards for center points. Typically, a tile backlash – either in the shower or behind the stove – is the most acceptable option. Once again, ensure it includes a bold pattern or color.


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